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E-419 - Fundamentals of Drilling & Completion

  • Young engineers involved in drilling and completion, supervisors, tool pushers
  • To provide an overview of fundamental knowledge in drilling and completion (with a review of geology, formations and well pressure) as an introduction to the intensive training program “Drilling and Completion Engineering”
Learning Objectives
  • To learn about different types of rock
  • To understand the process of hydrocarbon formation and trapping
  • To carry out well pressure calculations
  • To assess uncertainties with regard to pressure measured while drilling
Ways and means
  • Application to a real case (project) for the participants in the “Drilling and Completion Engineering” training course (E-412)

Petroleum geology 1.5 days
  • Earth structure, main rock components
  • Sedimentary rocks: origin, structure, classification
  • Sedimentation, tectonics and stratigraphy
  • Hydrocarbons: origin, formation, migration, traps
Overburden pressure, pore pressure, frac pressure 1 day
  • Definitions
  • Causes of abnormal pore pressure
  • Detection of abnormal pore pressure
  • Determination of pore pressure: Eaton's method, equivalent depth method, ratio method
  • Determination of frac pressure, LOT
Drilling fundamentals 1 day
  • Principle of drilling, functions of the drilling fluid, well architecture
  • Casing cementing
  • Wellhead and safety
Hydrodynamics applied to well 1 day
  • Hydrostatic pressure, pressure losses
  • Relation between static and circulating well pressures
Knowledge assessment 0.5 day
2016 course calendar
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Feb 15 - 19 Pau €3,380 Online By email
Aug 22 - 26 Pau €3,380 Online By email