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E-361 - Fluid Studies - PVT

5 days GIS/PVT
  • Reservoir engineers and experienced technicians willing to deepen their knowledge in reservoir fluid properties; young scientists, geoscientists and production engineers moving towards reservoir engineering
  • To provide a comprehensive and practical understanding of oil and gas reservoir fluids behavior
Learning Objectives
  • To know and understand main principles of thermodynamics applied to Reservoir Engineering studies
  • To know and understand the building process of a PVT model for reservoir simulation
  • To acquire practical experience of using experimental data to build PVT models
Ways and means
  • Interactive lectures and exercises
  • Analyzing real PVT report
  • Hands-on practices using state-of-the-art EOS package for PVT matching

Thermodynamics: reminders 1.5 days
  • Petroleum genesis
  • Chemical composition of petroleum fluids
  • Hydrocarbon families
  • Compositional presentation of reservoir fluids
  • Thermodynamics of petroleum fluids
  • Pure component, binary mixture, multi-component systems - Phase behavior
  • Hydrocarbon fluids: under saturated oil, saturated oil, dry gas, wet gas, retrograde gas
  • Measurements
  • Sampling: bottom hole and surface sampling - Representativity and validity of sampling
  • Analysis
  • PVT studies: oil - gas condensate
Physical properties - Hydrocarbon fluids 2.5 days
  • Thermodynamics: mixture equilibrium, fluids classification
  • Liquid vapor equilibrium
  • Real equilibrium, thermodynamics potential, fugacity
  • Bubble point pressure, formation volume factor, density compressibility, viscosity
  • Equation of state
  • Peng-Robinson, Soave-Redlich-Kwong
  • Liquid-vapor calculation
  • Analytical representation: properties of light and heavy cuts
  • Fluid modeling: PVT matching
  • Fluid synthesis: gravity segregation, field cases, miscibility
  • Downstream data: data for reservoir simulator and process
PVT exercises 1 day
  • Matching with a PVT EOS package
2016 course calendar
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Mar 14 - 18 Rueil €2,960 Online By email
Oct 10 - 14 Rueil €2,960 Online By email