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E-530C - Field Operator Certification

185 days PROD/BOAGB
  • Newly-hired personnel who are called on to hold position of Field Operators in oil and gas production facilities or terminals. Active production field operators in need of knowledge enhancement and skills development
  • To provide, through a comprehensive training and assessment system, the required technical knowledge and skills for qualifying to hold the position of Field Operator and contribute to safe and efficient operations in upstream oil and gas facilities. A certificate will be delivered to the trainee if the necessary criterions have been fulfilled
Learning Objectives
  • To understand and explain processes, equipment and machinery
  • To adjust equipment operating parameters as required for safe operation and maintain product quality targets
  • To safely perform routine operations, surveillance of plant equipment and apply special operating procedures
  • To identify and react adequately to plant upsets
  • To demonstrate awareness and concern for good safety practices and procedures
  • To evolve in a multidisciplinary team and communicate effectively
  • Training requires academic scientific knowledge equivalent to British O levels. If needed, trainees can attend a 5-week introductory course (E-529) to acquire or review the fundamentals required to attend this qualifying training course
Ways and means
  • The training program is customized to your assets specifities. It alternates between classroom lectures and practice on operational site. The alternation can be adapted to local constraints
Times mentioned here do not include periods of rest / recovery; training typically extends over one year Training duration: 37 weeks spread over a year

Classroom training 80 days
  • Downhole production, well equipment and operation
  • Facilities static, rotating and safety equipment
  • Surface processing of well effluents, storage and export
  • Process control and instrumentation
  • Safety in operation and maintenance
  • Equipment routine surveillance
On the Job Orientation (OJO) periods alternating with classroom 50 days
  • PE: Practical Exercises on equipment
  • OJO: (On the Job Orientation) Procedures and operations follow up with production team
  • Identification and study of equipment: routine surveillance and associated operating procedures
  • Operation follow-up, production team organization, familiarization with field operators job duties
  • Continuous assessment of the work based learning process: Oral presentations and reports of the OJO periods assignments
On the Job Training (OJT) 50 days
  • On-site training, aiming at providing the specific knowledge required for assuming the function of operator: process, circuits, plant equipment, instrumentation and process control, operating conditions, risks specific to facilities and safe operating procedures
  • Achievement of various tasks as defined in the field operator job description, under the supervision of a mentor and the shift team
Final Assessments & Jury 5 days
  • Final oral examinations aiming at assessing the knowledge of the area of OJT assignment (hazards, details of the installations, operating conditions, equipment characteristics, site specificities…) as well as the capability to assume the field operator duties (routine monitoring, execution of routine and non-routine tasks, knowledge of HSE rules and behavior in the event of accident…)
  • Preparation of a final OJT report, as a support for the final oral examinations