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E-373 - Field Development Project & Uncertainties

  • Reservoir engineers and experienced technicians willing to deepen their knowledge in development project and uncertainties management; young scientists, geoscientists and production engineers moving into reservoir engineering
  • To provide an understanding of reservoir management fundamentals, techniques and best practices, from geology to hydrocarbons recovery, with a special attention to the risk induced by the project’s uncertainties
Learning Objectives
  • To know and understand about best practices of oil & gas fields development projects
  • To know and understand main concepts of risks and uncertainties assessment
  • To get a practical quick-look experience about risks and uncertainties management within field developments
Ways and means
  • Interactive lectures and exercises
  • Hands-on practices using state-of-the-art softwares
  • Field case studies

Project: field development 2.5 days
  • From discovery to development of an oil field: methodology from a real field case
  • Discovery phase: geological context, evaluation of reservoir properties, OOIP, reserves
  • Appraisal phase: field evaluation after each appraisal well
  • Development phase: several scenarios established from drive mechanisms definition and simulations
  • Production profiles
  • Surface/subsurface integration
  • Field monitoring
  • Economical evaluation of scenarios: CAPEX, OPEX
Economic evaluation of a project 1 day
  • Development decision making process
  • Projects economics: methods and criteria
  • Oil tax legislation - Net Present Value
  • Types of petroleum contracts
Introduction to uncertainties 1.5 days
  • Why quantifying uncertainties in reservoir studies?
  • Overview of the response surface methodology and experimental design approach
  • Identification of the most influential static and dynamic parameters – Consequences on field evaluation and production forecasts
2016 course calendar
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Apr 25 - 29 Rueil €3,110 Online By email
Nov 21 - 25 Rueil €3,110 Online By email