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E-204 - Exploration Concepts & Tools

  • Geologists, geophysicists, young professionals interested in an intensive training on petroleum exploration techniques
  • To provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary knowledge of exploration concepts and tools, and develop a transverse competence in integrated seismic and well log interpretation
Learning Objectives
  • To understand workflows used in integrated multidisciplinary teams for exploration
  • To analyze and interpret the structural and sedimentary history of a basin, in order to assess potential for exploration
  • To use and carry out sequence stratigraphy analysis both with seismic and well log data analyses
Ways and means
  • Hands-on sessions on real case studies
  • Two field trips

Introduction to petroleum system 5 days
  • Field trip to south of France
  • Introduction to petroleum exploration
  • Introduction to plate tectonics and sedimentary basins
  • Basin infilling: a sedimentary rocks review
  • Petroleum systems: source, reservoir & seal rocks
  • Migration & entrapment processes
  • Field analogs with known basins
  • Logs and seismic applications
Sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy (cf. E-212) 5 days
  • Sedimentology overview: facies analysis and depositional environments
  • Main depositional environments
  • Clastic rocks (composition, classification, main environments and features)
  • Carbonate rocks (composition, classification, main environments and features)
  • Seismic stratigraphy and Sequence stratigraphy analysis (concepts & case studies)
  • Introduction to modern stratigraphy (depositional sequences, system tracks)
  • Sequence stratigraphy at basin scale: Impact of sea level variations - Facies distribution
  • High-resolution sequence stratigraphy at reservoir scale: Genetic vs. stratigraphic sequences - Sequence analysis of both continental and marine deposits (shallow & deep) - Cross correlation between wells
  • Stratigraphic modeling of a sedimentary basin
Geological interpretation of well data 5 days
  • Fundamentals of log interpretation and concepts
  • Review of logging tools, measurements and applications
  • Lithological interpretation (Quick Look, X-plots) - Fluids
  • Structural analysis of well data
  • Introduction to borehole imaging and dipmeter data analysis
  • Sedimentological and stratigraphic analysis of well data
  • Basin scale (depositional sequences, well correlations, petroleum systems identification)
  • Reservoir scale (facies & stacking pattern analysis, reservoir geometry and quality)
  • Field trip to Burgundy (3 days)
  • This field trip will present stratigraphic sequences and carbonate facies
  • This outcrop will be an excellent analogue to the data used during the carbonate workshop, for facies correlation at basin scale and reservoir scale lateral variation
  • Logs facies and sequences will be directly observed on outcrops
2016 course calendar
Language Dates Location Tuition Register
Sep 12 - 30 Rueil / 2 field trips €11,150 Online By email