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E-580 - Environmental & Societal Risk Management

5 days HSE/ENVGB
  • Managers, advisors, engineers, and operations staff involved in oversight or management of environmental and social issues all along the lifetime of an upstream project
  • To provide a thorough and applied knowledge of best industry standards and practices for appraising environmental and social matters that need to be handled cautiously throughout the life cycle of an upstream project, from design to construction and operation of oil and gas processing facilities
Learning Objectives
  • To understand the global prevailing context for the oil and gas industry
  • To grasp legal requirements and standards with respect to impact on local environment and populations
  • To understand techniques and contents of environmental and social impact assessments
  • To identify mitigation measures, perform stakeholders’ mapping and build Public Consultation and Disclosure Plans
  • To select key performance indicators, and set up monitoring with environmental and social management plans
  • To learn about minimum requirements for restoration of operational sites after abandonment
Ways and means
  • Several applications and illustrations
  • Several case studies and teamwork sessions

Environmental issues related to E&P activities 0.25 day
  • Historical overview of impact awareness, management
  • Definitions: Environmental impact, significance, accidental vs. operational discharges, discharge and pollution
The stakes 0.75 day
  • Environmental issues: local, regional, global
  • Air, water (availability, pollution), biodiversity, wastes
  • Kyoto Protocol, carbon dioxide accounting, cap and trade, Clean Development Mechanisms
  • Toxicity, ecotoxicity
Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA), legal requirements/ legal standards: national, regional, international 0.25 day
  • Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA)
  • Legal standards: definition, standard determination, Best Available Technology, Best Environmental Practices
  • Environmental Quality Standards (EQS), discharge standards - Regional, international, conventions
Environmental impact assessment – Projects 0.5 day
  • Environmental impact assessment activities throughout the life cycle of a field, tools used for impact prediction
  • The EIA process, Scoping an EIA, ENVID (Environmental Hazard Identification) Environmental Management Plan – Case study
Environmental risk management – Production activities 0.5 day
  • HSE MS – EMS (ISO 14001), continuous improvement processes
  • Key environmental procedures: wastes management, chemical management, monitoring
  • Oil Spill Contingency Planning
Monitoring & reporting 0.5 day
  • Key performance indicators, Industry performance – Trends
  • Environmental monitoring & surveillance
  • Green House Gases estimation and reporting
Environmental risk management – Abandonment 0.25 day
Social issues related to E&P activities: the risks, the stakes and the strategies 0.5 day
  • The risks and the stakes - Some high profile cases (human rights, NGOs activism, etc.)
  • Documentary viewing and discussion on social risks in E&P activities
  • How to change practices and image?
Participative social impact assessment as a risk management tool 0.5 day
  • Participative social impact assessment: definition, business case and standards, process
  • Social management Plans and monitoring - Focus on special topics: involuntary resettlement, local communities, business in conflict zones
Stakeholder engagement 0.5 day
  • Stakeholder engagement: definition and business case
  • Public Consultation and Disclosure Plan (steps and techniques)
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Stakeholder engagement: Misguiding assumptions and key success drivers
Case study: social screening of an oil and gas project 0.5 day
  • Based on a group work, participants should prepare a:
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Social impacts identification and mitigation plan
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