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E-358 - Environmental Management of Unconventional Development Projects: Shale & Tight Gas & Oil

  • Managers, engineers, and operations staff involved in the management of environmental issues of unconventional development.
  • This course provides a thorough and applied knowledge of the environmental stakes of an unconventional Oil & Gas development project, including key technical requirements and regulation and public perception.
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • describe the global prevailing context for unconventional developments for environmental management at worldwide level,
  • identify key issues and impacts of specific shale gas activities (exploration, fracking, production),
  • identify key technical requirements and regulations in USA and Europe,
  • describe and discuss specific contents of a shale gas Environmental Impact Assessment, mitigation (treatments), and how to develop communication (public participation).
  • No prerequisites for this course.
Ways and means
  • Highly interactive training by an industry-specialist lecturer involved in shale gas project.
  • Numerous case studies, applications and illustrations and teamwork sessions.
  • Key Internet references.
  • Videos.

The stakes: a controversial energy 0.5 day
  • Public perception.
  • The industry point of view.
Technologies: key issues for the environment 1 day
  • Fracking and water.
  • Air emissions.
  • Wastewater & waste treatment.
Socio-economic impact & sustainable development 0.5 day
Environmental regulation & impact assessment 1 day
  • Environmental regulation overview.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment - Contents.
  • Mitigation and emissions treatment.
  • Case studies.