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Engineering Management

  • Personnel involved or interested in activities performed by Engineering Contractors.
  • To provide an overview of Oil & Gas projects Engineering studies.
Learning Objectives
  • To control engineering activities, deliverables, work sequence and interfaces.
  • To identify and mitigate the main risks: schedule, vendors, interfaces, quality.
  • To identify critical points, and to implement and monitor the related KPIs.
  • To manage progress and changes in accordance with Best Engineering Practices.
Ways and means
  • Half of the training is devoted to hands-on exercises on Engineering discipline and management tasks.
  • Quiz at the end of each section to assess knowledge acquisition.
  • A 200 page guide is provided for future reference.
Public courses are scheduled by our E&P Division (see the E&P catalogue, course reference E-714)

Understanding engineering 0.5 day
  • The organization and role of engineering in a project: the parties involved, engineering, subcontracting.
Engineering discipline overview 1.5 days
  • The design basis & criteria.
  • The engineering activities and deliverables: input, output, content and constraints, sequence.
  • In the various disciplines: process; equipment/mechanical; plant layout; Health, Safety & Environment (HSE); civil engineering; material & corrosion; piping; plant model; instrumentation and control; electrical; field engineering.
Keys to a successful engineering execution 1 day
  • Understanding the schedule requirements: typical critical path of an Oil & Gas Project, consequences for engineering, matching the procurement and construction schedule.
  • The internal constraints of the Engineering schedule: interfaces between disciplines, Vendor input, best practices.
  • Interface management: challenge and best practice.
  • Implementation of changes: challenge and best practice.
  • How to meet the main challenge of delivering on schedule.
  • The EPC execution model & the resulting key Milestones for engineering + benchmarks.
  • What to put in place to control a contractor: how to effectively monitor progress, factors that could impact progress, meaningful KPI, requirements for progress reports.