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Electric Hybrid Vehicle Operating Simulation

  • Any person wishing to concretly illustrate what he has learned in INTHVE or GMPH trainings.
  • To consolidate what has been learned in the theoretical trainings.
Learning Objectives
  • To be able to identify the main components of the drive chain.
  • To be able to describe how they work and to describe the operating modes of an hybrid vehicle.
  • Preliminary participation to INTHY or GMPH training is necessary to know basis principles and get benefit of this simulation.
Ways and means
  • This training uses a pedagogical operating mock-up of a Toyota Prius II.
  • Then participants have an iterative game between measurements on mock-up and simulation results.
  • This simulation day is proposed as an optional 5th day of MOT/GMPH training.

Identification of powertrain components
  • Directly on the vehicle mock-up.
  • Description of the vehicle.
  • Thermal engine.
  • CVT.
  • Electromotors MG1 et MG2.
  • ECU.
  • AC/DC and DC/DC converters.
  • Understanding of the vehicle architecture and drive train.
Operating modes demonstration
  • Stabilized drive.
  • Electric drive.
  • Soft acceleration.
  • Deceleration.
  • Braking.
  • Other functionalities: climatization, power assisted steering, …
  • Other modes.
View of energy flows
  • Measuring the main electric characteristics in the main branches.
  • View of energy flows.
  • Simulation of various use situation.
Computerized simulation
  • Several operating points.
  • Energy optimization.
  • Various management strategies and compared CO2 efficiency.
  • With AMESIM software and date input measured on the mock-up.
  • Various operating points.
  • Energy optimization.