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E&P Companies in changing environment

1 day ENE/ICCE
  • Oil & Gas professionals with already a good understanding of petroleum markets
  • Understand risks and mitigating strategies to adapt to a changing oil & gas environment
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, the participants will be able to:
  • identify the main economic, market, environmental and political forces driving oil & gas demand, supply, and prices
  • understand the different oil and gas prices scenario (including “Black Swan” scenario)
  • analyze the impact of oil & gas prices on projects and areas
  • apprehend the evolution of E&P companies strategies in uncertain environment
Ways and means
  • Unconventional LTO project analysis & cost cutting simulation
  • Discussion on E&P strategies

Hydrocarbons in the global energy mix
  • Oil & gas in energy demand
  • Efficiency and consumption: any pic demand in the horizon?
  • Oil & gas prices impact on petroleum demand
Oil & Gas supply (per area and types of resources): economical, fiscal, geopolitical, technical & social issues
  • Oil & gas supply present status and short term prospects
  • Contribution of “new resources” (conventional, LTO, tar sands, extra heavy oil, deep and ultra-deep)
  • Breakeven and financial specifications of projects (Pay Out time, financial exposure, etc.)
  • Impact of the price collapse on the financials; rent sharing between governments and companies
  • Beyond the prices, what are the geopolitical, technical and environmental risks?
Future prices and projects: after the storm
  • Oil & gas prices scenarios (BP, EIA, EM, IEA, OPEP, etc.)
  • Black swan scenarios
  • Key issues:
  • will OPEC lose control?
  • new gas price mechanism?
  • will Brent and WTI gap narrow?
  • how the financial markets will impact crude oil prices?
  • what is the link between USD and crude oil?
In the mind of E&P players
  • E&P companies’ strategy: being aligned with shareholders (private or public) & lenders
  • Value creation: Economic decisions & economic assumptions
  • Oil & gas E&P strategy in evolving environment:
  • portfolio management
  • reorganization, outsourcing, Business Unit strategy, etc.
  • defensive mergers
  • assets mutualisation and partnership
  • shareholders satisfaction (dividend, share buyback, split)
  • cash management
  • new strategic developments
  • cost cutting