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E-368 - Drilling & Completion for Reservoir Studies

  • Reservoir engineers and experienced technicians willing to deepen their knowledge in drilling and completion; young scientists, geoscientists and production engineers moving towards reservoir engineering
  • To provide a technical overview of well operation
  • Drilling: the different well design, the drilling equipment, the different operations to reach the reservoirs
  • Completion: wellbore treatments, artificial lift and well intervention
Learning Objectives
  • To know and understand fundamentals of drilling and completions techniques
  • To know and understand main concepts of production logs and well productivity optimization
  • To know fundamentals about horizontal and complex wells
Ways and means
  • Interactive lectures and exercises

Drilling 1 day
  • Well design - Casing program
  • Drilling equipment and techniques
  • Directional drilling
  • Drilling fluids (mud)
  • Different types of rigs - Specific offshore problems
Well completion 1 day
  • Wellhead and safety equipment (BOP)
  • Basic completion configurations
  • Well servicing and workover
  • Operations on live wells: wireline, coiled tubing, snubbing
Cased-hole logging 1 day
  • Cementation logs: CET, CBL, VDL
  • Production logs
  • Saturation Monitoring (PNC)
  • Flow profiles (PLT)
Well performance 1 day
  • Inflow, outflow
  • Nodal analysis
  • Well deliverability & productivity
Horizontal and complex wells 1 day
  • New applications - Feasibility, productivity
  • Coning, risks and other issues
2016 course calendar
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Apr 04 - 08 Rueil €2,860 Online By email
Nov 14 - 18 Rueil €2,860 Online By email