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Downstream Module

60 days EAV/DOM
  • Recently hired professionals, preferably with an engineering background, about to take up a position in downstream petroleum activities.
  • Staff from other petroleum sectors (upstream, chemicals, etc.) taking up a downstream managerial position or from government agencies with responsibilities for petroleum matters will also benefit from this course.
  • This course provides a better understanding of the downstream petroleum sector in its technical, economic, commercial and environmental dimensions (main refining units, key economic data and characteristics, management tools, …).
  • No prerequisites for this course.
This module is a part of a 16-month master degree program, Petroleum Economics and Management, run by IFP School

Refining 6 days
  • Crude oils and finished products.
  • Refining processes.
  • Deep upgrading.
  • Environmental constraints.
  • Consequences of the reduction of heavy fuel oil outlets.
  • Short-term refinery management.
  • Unit margins.
Decision sciences 4 days
  • Linear programming: simplex, duality, economic interpretation, etc.
  • Refining supply and demand.
  • Refinery investments, costs and margins.
  • Dynamic programming, non-linear programming, MCP problems in their applications in Energy industries (Gas and Electricity).
Downstream management & sustainable development (refining, gas & power) 22 days
  • Mid and downstream business: oil refining, petrochemicals and products.
  • Utility management: coal, gas and power.
  • Renewables and Environmental Management.
Commodities markets & trading 5 days
  • Introduction to commodities markets (energy, soft, tropical & non-ferrous).
  • Physical oil markets.
  • OTC products.
  • Future markets. Options.
  • Risk management and hedging.
Strategic marketing & management 8 days
  • Role of marketing in the firm and in the economy.
  • Marketing organization.
  • Measuring the firm's competitiveness.
  • Designing a development strategy.
Advanced econometrics 5 days
  • Applied probability and statistics.
  • Applications of statistical and probabilistic concepts.
Independent study 10 days
  • Personal research work.
2017 course calendar
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Apr 18 - Jul 13 Rueil €12,550 Online By email