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Contractual Framework of Gas Production & Transportation

3 days TRT/CGT
  • Professionals, involved in natural gas trading, who need to negotiate or implement natural gas contracts
  • To provide participants with the fundamental features and structures of natural gas long-term sales contracts and transportation agreements
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able:
  • to identify the main articles of long-term natural gas agreements
  • to explain the keys points of the commercial clauses
  • to evaluate the principles of natural gas pricing and transportation
Ways and means
  • Examples of contracts
  • Statistical data

Long-term natural gas sales contracts 2 days
  • Primary issues about long-term gas agreements
  • Main natural gas agreements
  • Analysis of the main articles of long-term agreements:
  • Commercial:
  • duration: depletion contract, supply contract, peak shaving, seller's nomination and interruption
  • quantity: ACQ, DCQ, MDQ, swing factor, excess gas and take-or-pay
  • quality: technical specifications, acceptable limits and non-conformity penalties
  • price: indexation, market value and net-back value
  • delivery point: place, measure, frequency, precision and flexibility
  • Responsibility: force majeure, transfer of rights, expert, arbitration and applicable law
  • Operational:
  • installation, counting system and analysis, obligation of information, confidentiality, invoicing and payment
  • entitlement, risk and general disposals
  • Recent evolution of natural gas long-term contracts
Natural gas transportation agreements 1 day
  • Main principles of natural gas transportation agreements
  • Analysis of the main articles:
  • delivery point / redelivery, specifications
  • quantity and capacity booking (delivery commitment, booked capacities profile and transportation obligation)
  • tariff structure (ship-or-pay, fix or variable pricing)
  • quantities allocation and procedure, gas delivery procedures, quality settlement and removal schedule
  • duration, force majeure, tie-in deposit and general dispositions
  • Recent evolution of gas transportation agreements
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