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Contracts & Procurement

3 days PGP/COPR-E
  • Project managers and controllers involved in contracts for large downstream project.
  • To provide a detailed understanding of Project Contracting and Procurement issues, both from Owner and Contractor perspectives.
Learning Objectives
  • To select the best contract type and perimeter for the Engineering of a Downstream project.
  • To design and implement contract terms and controls.
  • To organize bids and select the best bidder.
  • To take charge of the management of claims, liability and other legal issues.
Ways and means
  • Numerous examples from real Refining/Chemical projects.
Intercompany courses are scheduled by our Upstream organization (see dates in the Upstream catalog, course reference E-726)

Contracting strategy 0.25 day
  • Different types of contracts.
  • Assignment of main equipment.
  • Endorsement of the design dossier.
  • Interfaces between contracts.
  • Contractors.
  • Local content.
  • Interfaces between patrimonial agreements and operation contracts.
EPC Contract content and core articles, exhibits 0.5 day
  • Agreement (articles and annexes).
  • Exhibits.
  • Examples of main articles.
Call for tender procedures 0.25 day
  • Tendering phase.
  • Prequalification.
  • Instructions to tenderers.
  • Tender schedule.
  • Tender evaluation procedure.
  • Inflation and currency hedging.
  • Final selection and contract award.
  • Single source contract.
  • Contractor bid preparation.
Contract administration 1 day
  • Contract review and operation.
  • Management of change orders and claims.
Procurement, Expediting, Stock Management, Transportation, Customs 0.5 day
  • Procurement strategy.
  • Procurement management process.
  • Long lead items & critical equipment.
  • Procurement management organization; projects in partnership.
  • Company control of procurement; inspections.
  • Procurement systems.
  • Material control - Vendors documents management.
  • Logistics - Incoterms.
Legal issues 0.25 day
  • Interfaces between patrimonial agreements and operations contracts.
  • Legal issues and contract negotiation/administration.
Insurance issues 0.25 day
  • Insurance basis.
  • Risk management process.
  • Risk assessment and reduction.
  • Claim control for projects.