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E-742 - Contracts & Procurement

5 days PL/CPGB
  • Project engineers strongly involved in contractual issues of upstream oil and gas projects
  • To provide a comprehensive understanding of project contract and procurement issues as seen by an oil company and a contractor
Learning Objectives
  • To grasp the increasingly challenging contractual relations involved in an oil and gas project
  • To apply proven methods to solve the issues and put successfully a project in the right contractual framework
Ways and means
  • The course is illustrated by numerous examples taken from actual Exploration & Production project
This module is part of the course E-740C Training E-740C may be validated, on request, as such when all modules have been done This course can be delivered in French, with documentation in English

Introduction 0.5 day
  • Different types of contracts
Contracting strategy 0.75 day
  • Assignment of main equipment
  • Endorsement of the Design Dossier
  • Interfaces between contracts
  • Contractors
  • Local content
  • Monopole/Oligopole
  • Single sourcing/Open Book Tendering
  • Patrimonial contracts (JOA, PSA…)
  • Design Competition
  • Interfaces between Patrimonial Agreements and Operations Contracts
Call for tender procedures 0.75 day
  • Tendering phase
  • Prequalification
  • Instructions to tenderers
  • Tender schedule
  • Tender evaluation procedure
  • Inflation and currency hedging
  • Final selection and contract award
  • Single source contract
  • Contractor bid preparation
EPC contract content and core articles, exhibits 1 day
  • Agreement (Articles and Annexes)
  • Exhibits
  • Examples of Main articles
  • Vendor lists
EPC contract, liability and insurance 0.5 day
  • Insurance Basis
  • Knock for knock principle
  • Risk Management Process
  • Risk Assessment and Reduction
  • Claim Control for Projects
Procurement, expediting, stock management, transportation, customs 0.5 day
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Procurement Management Process
  • Long Lead Items & Critical Equipment
  • Procurement Management organization
  • Company Control of Procurement
  • Inspection
  • Procurement Systems
  • Material control
  • Logistics and Incoterms
Contract administration 0.5 day
  • Progress measurement and control
  • Change orders
  • Claim management
  • Closing, reception and warranties
Negotiation 0.5 day
  • Principles and methodology
  • Case study
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