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E-736 - Construction Works Supervision

  • This course is aimed at managers, engineers, plant supervisory staff (construction, maintenance, operation) and contractor staff (engineering contractors and constructors) in charge of revamping, small, medium-size or large oil & gas projects.
  • This course provides transverse ways and means in terms of experience, know-how and soft skills that are essential to construction supervising positions.
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • apply proven practices within operational situations,
  • define a suitable organization and execution plan, adapted to the plant requirements,
  • manage critical interfaces with operational staff, at each step of the project implementation,
  • identify and manage safety, health and environment issues during project design and execution.
  • No prerequisites for this course.
Ways and means
  • Quiz will be used throughout the training course to ensure the trainees have understood the main ideas.
  • Photos and videos will be used to illustrate the subjects.
The content may be customized upon client request. An offshore approach is possible. Durations serve as a guide and may vary (5 to 15 days ) depending on course organization, knowledge of the group of trainees and the client’s request.

Works supervision 1 day
  • Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in an Oil & Gas project.
  • Different stages of an Oil & Gas project.
  • Importance of preliminary stages.
  • Field modification works: responsibilities, constraints and challenges.
  • Working on operating facilities.
  • Roles and constraints of field operators.
  • Site organization, typical site construction manual.
  • Construction contractor organization and relationship with it.
HSE 1 day
  • Typical construction risk analysis.
  • Organization of operations on the facilities.
  • Works supervision procedure.
  • Simultaneous operations (SIMOPS).
  • Work permits (instructions, procedure, audit).
Work instructions & quality issues 1 day
  • Procedures to be enforced, their objectives, base principles and validation process.
  • Learning how to read the plans.
  • How to supervise quality of prefabricated and site works.
  • Quality control at supplier’s premises.
  • Visiting a construction contractor.
  • Visit reports.
Construction supervision 1 day
  • Preparation and organization of successful meetings with the contractor.
  • Basic notions of welding (principles and used techniques).
  • Follow-up of works for each discipline (piping, E&I and mechanical).
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning.
  • Planning, cost and schedule control.
Relationships & team work 1 day
  • Roles and responsibilities of team leaders (leadership and relationships with the other stakeholders).
  • Qualification, knowledge and aptitude.
  • Reflexes, rules and obligations.
  • Non-conflictual interpersonal relationships.
  • Ethics.
  • Feedback and lessons learned.
  • Proper communication.
  • Use of emails.