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Civil Engineering

  • Project engineers and managers, engineering contractor personnel.
  • Provide an understanding of Civil Engineering (structures and foundations).
Learning Objectives
  • Prepare and interpret civil work specifications in line with European regulations.
  • Perform basic calculations on steel and concrete structures.
  • Analyze civil subcontractor bids and select the most reliable and effective bidder.
  • Define field work quality control plan for civil works.
Ways and means
  • Individual exercises for a better understanding of technology and design.
  • Review of actual civil works in existing refining & chemical facilities.
  • Teamwork on case studies related to investment projects.

Basic technology information and regulations 1 day
  • Definition of terms and key characteristics of civil works. Design parameters.
  • Scope and contents of European regulations (EUROCODES).
  • Characteristics of materials used (steel, concrete). Concrete specifications and manufacture.
Steel structure design 1 day
  • Main elements of a steel structure (beams, poles, reinforcements). Types of structures.
  • Parameters impacting structure stability. Assembly types.
  • Principles of determination of structure resistance to weight, equipment and weather conditions.
  • Transmission of loads to the foundations.
  • Typical guide specification sent to a civil work subcontractor. Evaluation of bid response quality.
Concrete structure design 1 day
  • Principle of resistance of concrete structures. Limit states calculation.
  • Evaluation of concrete behavior for various efforts: compression, bending, shearing.
  • Determination of reinforcements.
  • Importance of steel adherence and covering.
  • Typical design specification sent to a civil work subcontractor. Evaluation of bid response.
Foundation design 1 day
  • Surface foundations technology. Sizing. Anchoring. Foundation stability.
  • Verification of required surface and applied pressure. Soil stability and resistance.
  • Deep foundations, piles (type and depth). Connection between piles and above-ground foundations.
Field work controls 1 day
  • Key control parameters for steel structures and concrete structures.
  • Concrete manufacturing controls.