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E-252 - Cased-Hole & Production Logging

  • Production engineers and supervisors, drilling and workover engineers and supervisors, wellsite geologists and witnesses.
  • This course provides a comprehensive knowledge of cased-hole logging techniques and production log interpretation, along with the industry’s best practices and procedures.
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • acquire an insight into well cementation control, corrosion,
  • determine the characteristics of formations behind the casing and reservoir saturation,
  • carry out a quick interpretation of production logs.
  • No prerequisites for this course.
Ways and means
  • Short lectures and videos completed with practical exercises and case studies.

Cement evaluation 1 day
  • Acoustic measurements (CBL - VDL).
  • Ultrasonic measurements (USIT - CASTV).
  • Other logs (temperature, isolation scanner).
  • Case studies, log examples.
Corrosion evaluation 1 day
  • Origins of the corrosion process in the wells.
  • Corrosion evaluation.
  • Multi-finger Caliper.
  • Electromagnetic and potential measurements.
  • Ultrasonic logging.
Formation evaluation in cased hole (saturation) 1.5 days
  • Logging tools for cased hole formation evaluation: spectral GR, sonic, resistivity, pressure & fluid sampling, density.
  • Pulsed Neutron capture logs.
  • Thermal decay time log.
  • Thermal absorption log.
  • Reservoir Saturation Tool.
  • Interpretation: Time lapse technique - Gas detection.
  • Determination of oil holdup and oil saturation.
  • Reservoir performance monitor: gas view, fluid view - Case study.
Production logging 1.5 days
  • Tools for acquisition of main parameters: caliper, flowmeter, gradiomanometer, manometer, temperature, holdup meter.
  • Main characteristics (PVT) of the reservoir fluids (water, oil and gas).
  • Production log record (case study).
  • Determination of the fluid velocities and the fluid densities in the well.
  • Pressure and temperature measurements.
  • Flow characterization and modeling (Flow Scan Imager).
  • Production log interpretation: interpretation of a set of production logs by hand and also with the EMERAUDE software (Kappa Engineering).