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E-231 - Borehole Imaging Interpretation Workshop with WellCad™

5 days RES/BHI
  • Geoscientists and reservoir engineers involved in development of naturally fractured reservoirs
  • To provide participants with an understanding of current borehole imaging tools and modern interpretation techniques
Learning Objectives
  • To acquire the fundamental principles of Borehole Image Interpretation
  • To apply the methodology to approach the Borehole Image Interpretation
  • To perform BHI data quality control
  • To identify the fractures present in the images, by differentiating them from sedimentary and artificial features
  • To characterize the interpreted fractures in terms of their position, morphology, type, kinematics, orientation and dip angle, using WellCAD™
Ways and means
  • Interactive presentations, practical exercises and hands-on activities using software dedicated for BHI interpretation (WellCAD™)

Introduction to borehole imaging log 0.5 day
  • Introduction to borehole imaging log
  • Borehole image log acquisition technologies
Borehole image tools and quality control 1 day
  • Understanding dip data integrating well trajectory
  • Fracture interpretation on borehole images
  • BHI fracture interpretation
  • Tools / Resolution
  • BHI quality control (QC)
  • Automatic and manual dip analysis
Borehole image interpretation software 1 day
  • Introduction to WellCAD™ software
  • BHI fracture picking
  • Data loading
  • Fracture classification
  • Fracture statistics
  • BHI reporting
Borehole image interpretation: case study 2.5 days
  • Introduction and data loading
  • Structural dip and structural zonation
  • Recognition of zone boundaries – Unconformities, faults
  • Fracture / fault characterization from image log data
  • Conductive / resistive vs open / close fracture
  • Borehole bias
  • In-situ stress determination from borehole breakout and induced fractures
  • Bedding recognition vs faulted areas
  • Bed thickness analysis
Summary, synthesis and wrap-up
2017 course calendar
Language Dates Location Tuition Register
May 29 - Jun 02 Rueil €3,300 Online By email