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E-205 - Basin Assessment & Prospect Definition

  • Geologists, geophysicists, young professionals interested in an intensive training on basin assessment
  • To develop transverse competence in integrated basin assessment and prospect definition
Learning Objectives
  • To understand workflows used in integrated multidisciplinary teams for exploration
  • To efficiently integrate concepts and techniques in the process of assessing the potential of a basin
  • To determine exploration targets using basin modeling techniques, and to define prospects assessing related risks and uncertainties
Ways and means
  • Hands-on sessions on real case studies
  • Interactive lectures and workshops
Kindly refer to the first part which provides a very thorough training on “Exploration Concepts & Tools” (E-204)

Seismic interpretation workshop 5 days
  • Fundamentals on seismic reflection: principles, acquisition, processing, interpretation
  • Exploration interpretation workshop (extensional case study)
  • Geological and geophysical framework
  • Structural picking on seismic amplitude block : horizons, unconformities, faults
  • Picking on seismic attribute blocks
  • Automatic picking and surface modeling
  • Stratigraphic and sedimentological analysis
  • Direct hydrocarbon indicators analysis
  • Prospect analysis
  • Synthesis and conclusions
  • Wrap-up session
Petroleum organic geochemistry and basin modeling 5 days
  • Geochemistry
  • Applications of geochemical analysis to basin evaluation
  • Hydrocarbon formation and occurrences (composition and origin)
  • Geochemical and optical analysis of kerogens (RockEval analysis)
  • Kinetics of hydrocarbons formation (modeling parameters)
  • Reservoir geochemistry
  • Basin modeling
  • Data synthesis and modeling parameter selection
  • Parameter sensitiveness and related uncertainty
  • Geometry and links with sedimentary basins geodynamics
  • Basin thermal history - Pressure and overpressure modeling
  • Maturation and expulsion - Migration of hydrocarbons and uncertainty analysis
  • Applications on dedicated software
Evaluation and prospect generation (cf. E-216) 5 days
  • Play assessment
  • Basin potential assessment
  • Regional context - Petroleum trilogy, Entrapment
  • Relative timing of events
  • Prospect analysis and generation
  • Source rock potential
  • Cross correlation & integration with seismic data
  • Structural history & Timing of HC expulsion and Migration
  • OHIP calculation parameters - Estimation of uncertainties
  • Uses of prospect evaluation - Transition to dynamics and economics
  • Risk analysis
  • Definition of risks and uncertainties
  • Probability of success - Consequences for economics
  • Basics in economy of exploration
  • Definitions and notions
  • Economic studies during exploration stage - Probability of success
  • Exploration prospect conversion in potential reservoir
  • Well potential productivity assessment
  • Potential Field Development Plan
  • Anticipated production profiles
  • Summary, general conclusion and wrap-up
2016 course calendar
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Oct 03 - 21 Rueil €9,410 Online By email