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E-255 - Advanced Reservoir Geology

  • Geophysicists, geologists and reservoir engineers involved in integrated reservoir studies
  • To provide an intensive, practical learning experience in advanced reservoir geology and geological modeling
Learning Objectives
  • To understand all stages of the characterization of a field in preparation for modeling
  • To learn about electro-facies analysis techniques
  • To assess impact of reservoir complexity on dynamic behavior and on modeling
  • RCM Module 1 or several years of experience as geologist in the petroleum industry
Ways and means
  • Field trips to Dijon and Poitiers
  • Practical case studies
  • Use of dedicated softwares
Course fees include travel (by train) between Paris, Dijon, and Poitiers, as well as accommodation and transportation in and around Dijon, and Poitiers

Geostatistics 2.5 days
  • Kriging and variations
Workshop – Reservoir characterization and modeling 5 days
  • Electro-facies, rock-typing
  • Conceptual models: sedimentological, stratigraphic, diagenetic and fracture
  • Well correlations - Facies modeling
  • Petrophysical characteristics and modeling
  • Hydrocarbon volume calculation
  • During this workshop, dedicated software will be used
Reservoir studies on outcrops - Field trip 5 days
  • Two field trips
  • Carbonate platform – Sedimentology, stratigraphy, diagenesis and fractures. This field is located in the Burgundy region. Participants will have an opportunity to look at a carbonate reservoir as an analog of the reservoir of a producing field located in the Paris basin. This field will be used as a “field case study” during the geomodeling exercise on workstation
  • Dynamic/static relationship: this field trip will be conducted on a site equipped with aquifer drilling (Poitiers region). Participants will to observe dynamic interferences, with the aim to study the dynamic behavior of a reservoir
Fractured reservoir 2 days
  • Workflow for fractured reservoirs characterization and modeling
  • Fractured reservoir modeling using dedicated software
Dynamics 2 days
  • Introduction to simulation
  • History matching
  • Well tests
Uncertainties 1 day
  • Quantify uncertainties using dedicated software
Conclusions 0.5 day
  • Wrap-up session on RCM Training
2016 course calendar
Language Dates Location Tuition Register
Oct 10 - Nov 04 Rueil / 2 field trips €13,450 Online By email