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Advanced Process Control

4 days IR/PRCONT
  • Engineers and technical staff involved in the improvement of process control.
  • To get a broad vision of advanced technologies used to improve process control quality and efficiency.
Learning Objectives
  • Get a tool box with several APC technologies.
  • Be able to select one of these technologies according to process challenges.
  • Estimate cost and benefit of APC (Advanced Process Control) implementation.
Ways and means
  • Case studies.
  • Use of a process simulator.

Conventional control limitations 1 day
  • Controlled, manipulated and anticipation variables.
  • Step test. Transfer function.
  • Performance criteria of a single control loop.
  • Cascade and feed-forward control benefits.
  • Tuning and limitation of PID controllers.
  • Applications:
  • PID controller tuning on process simulator
  • debutanizer control improvements.
Predictive control: improve quality of products 1 day
  • Inferential Control - Data Validation and Reconciliation (DVR).
  • Model Predictive Control (MPC).
  • Non Linear Control - Neural networks.
  • Application: cases studies of typical usage in refining process.
Multivariable control: improve process efficiency 1 day
  • Multivariable Control - Dynamic Matrix Control (DMC).
  • Real Time Optimizer (RTO).
  • Examples of Architecture and project implementation.
  • Application: decoupled controllers study on process simulator.
APC project management 1 day
  • APC Project cost & benefit.
  • APC Software & Hardware specification.
  • Definition of project milestones.
  • Application: mini APC project Front End Engineering Design.
Multivariable control 0.75 day
  • Basics of Mutivariable Control.
  • Architecture and implementation (Step Test, tools, etc.).
  • Application: decoupled controllers.