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E-444 - Advanced Cementing Practices

5 days FLU/CIM2E
  • Engineers, supervisors involved in cementing programs
  • To deepen the understanding and develop the skills needed to design efficiently a cementing program
Learning Objectives
  • To acquire a detailed knowledge of the different cementing techniques
  • To address special cases: liner, highly deviated wells, gas zones
  • To design a full cementing program for a real typical case
  • To assess the quality of a cementing job
  • Course E-443 “Cementing Practices”, or equivalent practical experience, is highly recommended
Ways and means
  • Exercises
  • Teamwork on a project

Techniques and job procedures 1.5 days
  • Cementing program
  • Job planning and preparation
  • Casing running
  • Selection of the fluids and flows
  • Cementing calculations
  • Primary, surface, multistage, liner cementing
  • Cement plugs
Cement and slurries 1 day
  • Cement chemistry
  • Special slurries and additives
  • Formulation and laboratory tests
  • Rheology
  • Displacement in eccentered annulus
  • Salt zone and temperature problems
Special cases 0.5 day
  • Gas zone cementing
  • Deviated and horizontal wells cementing
  • Remedial techniques
Cementing project 1 day
  • Design of a whole well cementing job
Evaluation of the cementing job 1 day
  • Principles and interpretation of the cement logs
  • Thermometry
  • Sonic (CBL - VDL)
  • Ultrasonic (USIT)
  • Logs analysis on a real case