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IFP Training Certifications

For oil and gas professional development


As a partner of excellence for oil and gas professional development IFP Training is determined to provide engineers and technicians with the knowledge and skills required to perform their duties safely and efficiently. IFP Training Certifications allow professionals of the Oil & Gas industry to formally validate competencies acquired during their training.



Successful candidates of our Certification programs will be able to formally validate their know-how in their field of study. Employers will be able to evaluate the progress of their personnel and ensure that they have received the required training to perform the tasks of their line of work per IFP Training standards.


The Certification Process

In order to ensure participants possess the necessary capacities to perform their tasks, IFP Training has developed a certification process to objectively evaluate their knowledge. Various methods of knowledge assessment are administered contingent upon a training program’s plan. All assessments will be evaluated by the instructors. Upon validation of all requirements to meet IFP Training Certification standards, the Board of Certifiers administers the certification.



To meet the needs of Oil & Gas industry professionals, IFP Training offers four different Certifications which confirm the knowledge and skills acquired, in a specific discipline, meet IFP Training’s standards.

Vocational Certificate: If you’re an operator or technician seeking to improve your skills the vocational certificate from IFP Training is perfect for you.

Graduate Certificate: Are you an engineer with a few years of experience looking to expand your horizons? If so, the IFP Training Graduate Certificate is the perfect complement to your engineering degree.

Advanced Certificate: Several years of professional experience in engineering? Are you searching to develop your expertise to allow you to reach new heights? Look no further because the Advanced Certificate at IFP Training offers you the opportunity to improve your know-how.

Executive Certificate: Are you a manager that needs a panoramic view of your line of work to provide you with the skills needed for managing oil & gas industry professionals? IFP Training’s Executive Certificate presents you with a global picture needed to develop domestically and internationally.


IFP Training Certification programs are held to the highest of standards. They are backed by a process which ensures that all certified participants have received the required training and have acquired the skills IFP Training deems necessary to be certified in a discipline.