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Production Engineer

Sessions Duration Ref IFP Training Course number
Production Engineer Training 60 days PROD / PRODENG E-534
Sessions Duration Ref IFP Training Course number
Advanced Well Performance 10 days PRO / WELLPERF2E E-464
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) 5 days PROD / LNG E-511
FPSO/FSO & Oil Terminals 5 days DEV / TERMGB E-660
Safety Engineering - Module 1 5 days HSE / SAFENG1GB E-560
Safety Engineering - Module 2 5 days HSE / SAFENG2GB E-561
HSE in Surface Processing Operations 5 days HSE / EXPSAFOP E-550
HSE in Construction/Maintenance Works 4 days HSE / WORKGB E-570
Environmental Management of Spills and Emissions: Air, Water, Wastes, Soil 5 days HSE / POLLUTIONGB E-583
Instrumentation, Process Control & Safety Instrumented Systems 5 days I-R / INST1GB E-608
Advanced Instrumentation, Process Control & Automation 5 days I-R / INST2GB E-609
Production Accounting and Material Balance Sheet 5 days PROD / BALSH E-520
Metering and Allocation 5 days I-R / METER E-615
Production Facilities Power Network and Electrical Equipment 5 days I-R / ELEC1GB E-618
Centrigugal and Positive Displacement Pumps 5 days MAT / PUMP E-622
Centrifugal and Volumetric Compressors 5 days MAT / COMPGB E-626
Gas Turbines 5 days MAT / GT E-630
Operation, Maintenance and Inspection of Rotating Machinery 10 days MAT / ROTMAINT E-641
Machinery Vibration Signature Analysis 4 days MTM / PAVIB-E E-643
Maintenance Management - Equipment Availability Control 5 days MAI / MAINTMGT E-645
Pipeline Hydraulics and Multiphase Flow 5 days DEV / HYDRGB E-670
Subsea Production Systems 5 days PL / SPSGB E-781
Subsea Pipelines 4 days PL / PIPEGB E-782
Corrosion Prevention in Production Facilities 5 days DEV / CORGB E-675
Integrated Reservoir Management (IRM) 45 days GEN / IRM E-001
Exploration-Production Contracts and Negotiation 5 days EAM / EPCN E-068
Production Sharing and Joint Operating Agreements 3 days EAM / PSA E-064
Economics and Risk Analysis of Upstream Projects 5 days EAM / ERA E-070
Field Development Project 15 days DEV / FDEVGB E-695
Project Management 5 days PL / PROJGB E-700
Estimation & Cost Control 5 days PL / COSTGB E-746
Quality & Risk Management 3 days PL / QAQCGB E-722