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Terms & Conditions

1/ Enrolment

All enrolments are considered as accepted orders as soon as the enrolment confirmation issued by IFP Training has been received and implies the client’s full commitment to these Terms & Conditions which prevail over all other Customer documents, including general purchasing conditions.

All inscriptions to training sessions shall be carried out 3 weeks prior to the session start date. IFP Training reserves itself the right to accept late enrolment.

The number of participants per session is limited.

Enrolment will be confirmed once the organization center receives a fully complete enrolment form via email, fax or mail. Incomplete enrolment forms will not be accepted.

Enrolment will be final once payment has been received in full, or once an acceptance certificate from a sponsoring organization has been received.

If the entire cost of the session is not paid 2 weeks before the training session begins, IFP Training reserves itself the right to reopen to registration the places booked by the customer, after having informed them. If full payment is received IFP Training will, at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the session, send a letter to the customer designated on the form to confirm their enrolment. A personal invitation will be attached to the letter and which provides all practical information about the session (schedule, directions, etc…).

2/ Payment

Enrolment fees cover training (teaching, practical activities, simulators and other IT tools, documentation, supplies) as well as break-time related costs (refreshments). And do not cover transport and accommodation. The price on the order form is indicated in Euros, tax not included. VAT at the current rate will be added to the indicated price plus any other withholding taxes. All training sessions, once started, have to be paid in full. Upon request, IFP Training may decide to apply reduced enrolment fees for job seekers.

The training session will only be accessible to the customer once that IFP Training has been paid in full.

By check to the order of: IFP Training – 232, Avenue Napoléon Bonaparte F-92852 Rueil Malmaison Cedex.

Via bank transfer to IFP Training beneficiary:

NATIXIS account no. 30007 99999 04165583000 12

IBAN: FR76 3000 7999 9904 1655 8300 012 – BIC : NATXFRPPXXX

Late fees: If IFP Training exceptionally agrees to a payment after the session begins, any amount not paid on time will result in increased late fees set at three (3) times the legal interest rate. These late fees can be requested by right until full payment has been made.

The paid invoice is sent to the Customer at the end of the training session. A duplicate is available provided that the customer requested it on the enrolment form.

3/ Payment by a sponsoring organization

If the customer wishes to pay using a sponsoring organization, the following procedures should be followed:

  • Before the start of the session, a request for direct billing should be issued and accepted;
  • This shall be indicated explicitly on the enrolment form;
  • The customer ensures the completion of payment by the designated organization.

IFP Training will provide the customer with all documents needed to make a sponsoring request.

If the sponsoring organization only bears part of the training cost, the remaining amount will be charged to the customer.

Only payments by sponsoring organizations before the first day of training will ensure enrolment and access to the training.

If, for whatever reason, the sponsoring organization doesn’t pay, the Customer will be charged the full training amount.

At the end of the session IFP Training will send the sponsoring organization an invoice along with a copy of the certificate of attendance signed by the participant.

4/ Cancellation

By the Customer:

Cancellation by the customer shall be sent in writing to IFP Training.

In the eventuality of a cancellation, even due to force majeure, less than 14 calendar days before the beginning of the session, 50% of the enrolment fee will be charged by IFP Training, except if a participant from the same company takes the participant’s place. Such a replacement must be communicated to IFP Training and confirmed by sending a new enrolment form.

In case of non-cancelled enrolments (including absenteeism or dropout), 100% of the enrolment fee will be charged by IFP Training. In case of an unforeseen departure, justified by the Customer, the participant may be authorized to take part in a later session with the prior consent of IFP Training.

By IFP Training:

IFP Training reserves itself the right to cancel or postpone a session, especially if there are an insufficient number of participants. The customer will be notified by telephone at least 2 weeks before the session was due to begin. The cancellation will be confirmed in writing.

The payments received will be fully refunded. No compensation on behalf of IFP Training will be given to the Customer due to cancellation or postponement of a session.

5/ Concealed work – subcontracting

According to law n° 91-1406 of December 31, 1991 supplemented by the June 11, 1992 Decree, IFP Training guarantees that all workers are employed legally in terms of the provisions stated in the French Labor Code. IFP Training guarantees compliance with all fiscal and social obligations in terms of its training staff as well as legal and regulatory obligations in terms of concealed work and employment of foreign labor.

IFP Training may consult qualified partners to carry out part of the service, who will be subjected to the same obligations mentioned in this section, as well as confidentiality obligations. In no cases does subcontracting relieve IFP Training of its obligations and responsibilities in regards to these Terms and Conditions.

6/ Force Majeure

The party prevented from carrying out its obligations due to force majeure, as defined by the French Civil Code, shall inform the other party in writing via registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, providing all relevant justifications, and will do its utmost to reduce any damage caused to the other party as a result of this situation. This excludes a party’s internal strikes, methods of payment and payment capacities of each party.

The obligations of a party affected by a Force Majeure are suspended, without penalties, until the effects of this cause disappear. Each party will bear the cost of all fees incumbent upon them, as a result of the Force Majeure.

In case of a Force Majeure lasting over thirty (30) days in a row, the party which the force majeure is opposed to may terminate the order immediately, by right and without compensation.

7/ Termination

In case the customer does not comply with the aforementioned obligations, IFP Training will send a letter of formal notice via registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, demanding compliance within thirty (30) days of the date of dispatch. Past this deadline, if the customer has not met the requests of the formal notice, IFP Training may terminate the order and request compensation.

8/ Insurance – Responsibility

The customer will take out and maintain all insurance policies at his own cost and for the entire duration of the session, covering risks, responsibilities, direct or indirect damage and any illness contracted by the participant(s), with reputedly solvent insurance companies. The customer will compensate IFP Training for any loss, damage or harm caused by its participants to IFP Training, its instructors or partners.

IFP Training will take out and maintain insurance required, covering risks which may arise during training sessions.

Each party remains liable for damages made to its property and for personal injuries suffered by its employees, regardless of the cause or reason of that damage, during the undertaking of the training session, except gross negligence or willful misconduct by this aforementioned party, or one of its employees.

In any case, IFP Training shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss as a result of financial, commercial or any type of prejudice caused directly or indirectly by the use of the information transmitted within the framework of its training sessions.

9/ Confidentiality and property rights of training documents

The customer is subjected to confidentiality obligations concerning all documents and information communicated during the session, regardless of their medium, which are indicated as confidential. The customer shall ensure that all their staff and more generally speaking all people in contact with IFP Training comply with this obligation.

More specifically, IFP Training may provide participants with documents on various formats (e.g. paper, audio, audiovisual, IT or multimedia). Any direct or indirect reproduction, adaptation, alteration, representation or distribution by the customer, regardless of the format, of all or part of the training documents created by IFP Training and/or the information contained in them, for staff not taking part in training sessions or third parties, will require IFP Training’s prior written agreement. Under no circumstances shall the customer make any copies, in any shape or form, with the aim to sell, organize or conduct training sessions.

10/ Data Protection

Personal information sent by the customer to IFP Training for the purpose of a session can be transferred to IFP Training’s contractual partners to fulfill the needs of the aforementioned session. In accordance with the provisions of the law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 on data protection, the customer may at any time exercise their right to access, correct and object to personal IFP Training file content.

11/ Miscellaneous provisions – Disputes

The customer is aware of all documents which constitute the order, including these Terms & Conditions.

After the training session and/or in case of termination, the provisions of articles 6, 7, 8 and 9 will remain valid.

These terms & Conditions are subjected to French law. Any dispute which is not solved amicably within one (1) month and which concerns the validity, the execution or the interpretation of these Terms & Conditions will be subjected to the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Nanterre.

Last updated: October 15, 2014